My Journey


At age 22, I was diagnosed with a degenerative spinal condition. Soon after, I was also diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, osteopenia and two forms of arthritis, one being an autoimmune condition. I was taking countless medications, had multiple surgeries and procedures, and had lost all hope, as doctor after doctor told me I would soon be crippled, wheelchair bound and in progressively worsening pain. I had unintentionally given away all of my power and I had settled into a victim role. Finally, after blood work revealed that I was deficient in multiple vitamins and minerals, I knew I had to take a new I couldn't control everything happening to my body, but I could control what I ate and I decided to fight! I shifted my mindset, eating with the intent of healing, and making myself a priority. I have greatly improved my physical and emotional health and I love to share my passion, knowledge, and education to improve the lives of others.